(A True Story)

My name is Tom Snee, I discovered Angioprim a little over 15 years ago.  I am an inventor by trade and 40 some years ago I developed steam carpet cleaning.  In addition I have patented and developed chlorine-free and chemical-free  water treatment products for home and business and Vista Cam an underwater video camera for fishing.

 I lost my health and I almost lost my life twice during an angioplasty.  I survived, but I walked out of the hospital worse than when I walked in. My health was so bad I couldn't walk up a half flight of stairs without being totally exhausted. Life was barely worth living and my doctor didn't have a solution.   

I am a Bio-molecular Scientist and I specialize in water chemistry. Blood chemistry and water chemistry are very much alike. I have a heart condition, I am over weight, and I don't exercise. I am alive today because I  was forced to find my own solution, I cleaned out my body virtually overnight. This is the Story and it happened a little over 12 years ago.

In 1990 I had by-pass surgery and after only four years I needed to have an angioplasty. Two weeks after the angioplasty, I climbed a flight of stairs and the same artery blockage that had been cleared, reappeared as did massive chest and arm pains. Back to the hospital, another angioplasty and this time they added a stent. On the operating table, I died from blood flow blockage while inserting the stent. I was resuscitated and the procedure was performed again with the same result. Twice brought back from the dead, the doctor said, " Sorry Mr. Snee we can't get the stent in and we can't get it out, so we will have to leave it were it is." The Doctors gave me no option.

Only 20% survive being resuscitated after the heart stops.

I walked out of the hospital in much worse health than when I went in. I could only walk up a half a flight of stairs before I had to rest and catch my breath. I had no oxygen flow below my waist, my legs were always fatigued.  By-pass surgery was not an option and a heart transplant was never going to happen.

I had to solve my own problem.

What did I do? The first therapy I tried for my heart disease was Garlic and B-Vitamins with Niacin and an assortment vitamins minerals and amino acids, I walked around with a red face and felt like my head was on fire and about to explode. The next thing I tried was Chinese herbs, they seemed to make a little improvement, but nothing that was going to greatly improve my life. The herbs were very expensive, time consuming and they smelled awful, I still couldn't walk up more than 7 steps at a time.

I asked myself what is causing this blockage, I already had a pretty good idea that cholesterol build up was not to blame. I had read a lot of medical reports and science articles relating to heart disease and I knew calcium had a very big part in creating plaque and scale build-up. In the Navy I was a Hospital Corpsman and I had seen several autopsies. One older man had a yellow discolored heart and after cutting it open you could see the buildup of fatty deposits and hard yellow caked on material that the doctor called scale.

I thought calcium might be the problem.

Vitamin and Minerals, the word minerals is another way of saying metals and one of the most misunderstood metals is calcium. Calcium buildup in your home plumbing becomes scale. When that same calcium is built-up in your arteries it's called plaque.  Plaque in your arteries is the same as Kidney stones or gallstones or plaque on your teeth.  

I had read an article in Science Digest of a new scanning machine designed to find arterial plaque it was tuned for calcium and could show blockages from head to toe.  Maybe they were on to the real cause of heart disease and were not telling people.

Living was hopeless for me and I felt like an invalid, I couldn't do anything physical. I thought about a product I had previously developed for water treatment, it dissolved plaque and broke down calcium scale in swimming pools and in the pipes of home plumbing systems.  I took the bull by the horns and decided to risk my life in an effort to improve my health. I reasoned, maybe the calcium remover might work to break down the calcium scale and plaque in my arteries? I thought it was safe because the calcium remover was a food grade additive, used as a preservative for bread.  I had no idea of the amount to use, so I started with what I thought was a small amount, I mixed it with orange juice and down the hatch. In less than a minute, my stomach was in such pain it was like I was kicked by a horse. I was vomiting and had diarrhea at the same time. After I lost most of the fluids in my body, I crawled into bed and was in pain all night. I got little sleep that night and when I awoke, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror and my mouth was flowing red with blood. I thought to myself, "I've done it now.  I rushed upstairs to tell my wife I killed myself, she was gone and I went to her bathroom to see the bleeding,  no more blood it stopped. I looked around and realized I was upstairs and I wasn't out of breath, this was a miracle and my legs weren't fatigued, Holy Buckets it really worked.

Why did my mouth bleed? First of all, I took way too much calcium remover, this resulted in  breaking down scale built-up scale under my gums. When I brushed my teeth, the tooth brush bristles damaged the tiny blood vessels that were previously protected by the scale.  This was how I began the development of Angioprim.

I have an aunt with arteriosclerosis that has been told her carotid artery is almost completely blocked. She is going blind and will soon die. Her carotid artery is plugging up just like the old mans heart. She refused my offer of Angioprim because her doctor told her it wouldn't work. Three weeks later she died. Obviously her choice wasn't the right one.

I have been using Angioprim for over 12 years. Angioprim for me was very fast acting and dissolved my arterial plaque virtually overnight. I was lucky, for a very small price I gained a very great improvement in my health.

I still eat too many things that are bad for me like: popcorn with butter, lobster, steaks, chicken wings, potato chips and way too much red meat and salt. I know the worst things I can consume are dairy products and anything with cream or butter. After going to the movie and eating a big bag of popcorn, within an hour, I feel pressure and pain building up in my chest. When I get home I'll have Angioprim and in a few hours I'll feel fine. 

I know I have an on-going condition with 80% artery blockage because of the stent, I know I should exercise and eat a lot healthier but, to me eating vegetables and salad isn't very appealing. The last time I was in the hospital they put me on a low sodium diet and all the food was tasteless...I couldn't wait to get a decent meal with salt.

With age comes changes, and like an old dog our eyesight weakens our hearing diminishes, we get more aches and pains, we don't sleep as well, our energy level is reduced and our memories fade. This is called aging.  Here is the surprise-- these things are not really caused by aging.  They happen as we age and are caused by calcium plugging up our body, this can be prevented and reversed.  Angioprim use will make you feel younger. I Know, Angioprim gave me the benefits of a younger and healthier body.

You don't have to go through what I did, you can get the same results and clean your system quickly withAngioprim.

Sincerely, Thomas Snee SR.


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Sincerely,   Ronnie Jackson