Angina & High Blood pressure

are warning signs that your headed for a heart attack

Men over 50 and Women over 60 are at serious RISK.

Blocked and clogged arteries most often lead to poor health or possibly putting yourself in danger of a more serious problem like a heart attack. Anyone over 50 could have plaque building in their arteries. Angioprim can help you get ahead of the future problems.

If you already have Angina or need to use Nitro, or you have pain in the arms and chest, or your blood pressure is over 120 you definitely need the help Angioprim can provide.

High Blood Pressure is often your first Warning

High Blood pressure is caused when arteries become clogged and restrict blood flow. This causes the heart (our blood pump) to work harder, higher pressure is needed to keep the same amount of blood flowing in restricted arteries.  You don't need to have all your arteries restricted, just one or two small blockages almost anywhere in your body can act like a dam, holding back blood flow and increasing blood pressure.  The other symptoms of heart disease follow with chest and arm pain, tightness of the chest, numbness of the extremities, shortness of breath, fatigue and low energy.

These Symptoms are Warning Signs

Chest Pain Angina
High blood pressure
Loss of sexual potency
Diagonal crease in your earlobe
Leg cramps or cold hands and feet
Shortness of breath with slight exertion
Your memory is worse than it used to be 
Experience numbness in the arms or legs
A whitish ring under the cornea of your eyes
Your lips or fingers have a tingling sensation
On short walks aches and pain in the legs  

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you have early warning signs of blocked arteries and cardiovascular disease. Your body is telling you that it’s time to improve your health.

40% of those having a first time heart attack don't survive.

They thought they could worry about it another day. 

The 60% that do survive that first heart attack will have a drastic change in life style. A heart attack means a portion of your heart muscle has been destroyed and can never be repaired and the quality of your health will be reduced.

Angioprim Cleans Your Arteries Fast

Angioprim is a super concentrate of synergistic amino acids including, a fast acting and effective form of EDTA Chelation. EDTA is not just EDTA, there are 52 forms of EDTA available and almost all are slow acting, and lack effectiveness because they are easily destroyed by stomach acids. Angioprim's active ingredients are more powerful and faster acting than other Chelation products including IV Chelation because of the form of EDTA we use and the amino acids we blend it with. Angioprim is not destroyed in the stomach like other Oral Chelators because it is a liquid, it is activated by stomach acids, and enters the blood quickly at full strength to begin cleaning arteries and vital organs in all parts of the body.

Angioprim dissolves calcium the major component of artery plaque. Angioprim has the ability to significantly reduce clogged arteries and revitalize your health without hazardous drugs, and we feel it is the fastest acting Liquid Oral Chelation available. You don't have to lose your life or limbs, you can go forward with better health.

Angioprim is a liquid blend of amino acids, including EDTA, that you mix with juice or distilled water, and sip slowly in the morning on an empty stomach. You wait 20 minutes after your last sip and eat normally. Our chelation programs last from 20-24 days (12 bottles), 40-48 days (24 bottles), or 60-72 days (36 bottles) depending on your diagnosis from your medical doctor or based on your symptoms. Once complete you can choose to do maintenance of a bottle every month, or simply do a cleansing every couple of years. It is "at-home" chelation at its finest.

Most Treatments Are Short Term Fixes!

Invasive procedures are done daily in the cardiovascular operating rooms all over the country. Doctors place all the emphasis on cholesterol, while the real villain is the calcium that sticks to the cholesterol that is already stuck to the arteries. The most serious concern for heart disease is calcium plaque blocking your arteries and leading to a heart attack! EDTA chelation can help reduce the calcium plaque in the arteries and give you a new lease on better health, release from most pain, and a better life. Stents will treat a single plaque blockage in the arterial system, while EDTA chelation will reach the entire cardiovascular system during the cleaning.


Don’t Gamble With Your Life !

If everyone used Angioprim artery disease would be a thing of the past.  Angioprim will lead you down the path of renewed health. We base this claim on customer satisfaction after 13 years of successful history, 8 of which have been selling on the Internet to the world. We receive calls from customers every day that have tried other products, only to be disappointed with the results. The parent corporation of Angioprim , has been in business for 24 years developing environmental water solutions and natural health products. It is the owner and head chemist that is the inventor of this product.

Doctors are treating the wrong thing !

When your Doctor tells you, you have high blood pressure and your cholesterol is bad he will also tell you to change your life style to a reduced sodium (salt), low fat diet, with more vegetables, daily exercise and long term drug treatment. Your Doctor should know the pills he prescribes will not cure but only put off the need for more serious treatment like Angioplasty, stints, Bypass surgery and often both, its just a matter of time.  Surgery is expensive, dangerous and totally unneeded to open clogged arteries. It doesn't stop there, your chances are good you will need surgery more than once. Most medical insurance is co-pay and far from free you could end up owing thousands for surgery. 

Most prescribed drugs won't prevent a heart attack and are the cause of more permanent health problems.  Cholesterol drugs can seriously damage your liver, kidneys, muscles and nerves.  Cholesterol drugs have never been proven to help or reverse heart disease. 

Cholesterol drug sales have mushroomed into a trillion dollar business that has compromised the lives of almost everyone taking them.  Dr. George V. Mann M.D. associate director of the Framingham study for the incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its risk factors states: "Saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest deception of the century, perhaps of any century" 

Heart disease is the number one killer in America and controlling cholesterol will not prevent a heart attack or prevent heart disease.

There is no such thing as bad Cholesterol !  Men of science have abandoned truth for money. Attempting to control cholesterol is a very, very dangerous practice that occurs in every hospital and medical clinic daily.

Everyone thinks they need calcium?

That's Absolutely Not true! Few people understand that digestion breaks food down to basic elements like starches proteins, sugar, fats and those elements also include minerals (iron, copper, zinc with many other metals) all minerals must be controlled by Metalo-enzymes as they have specific functions like bone, muscle, and blood building.  Enzymes control where and how minerals like calcium are used, besides bones, calcium is also needed for your muscles and nerves and for all your vital organs. Everything you eat and drink has lots of calcium, you don't lack calcium but most often you will lack the control enzymes.  

Calcium causes heart Disease

Calcium is a metal and the second most common element in your body after water. Excess and uncontrolled calcium causes a wide range of life threatening diseases. Calcium in the blood must be controlled by Metalo-enzymes or disease occurs.  When your body lacks these enzymes then diseases like: Cancer, Congestive heart, carotid artery disease, PAD, osteoporosis, gallstones, kidney stones, prostate disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, arthritis, ALS, MS, Crones, bone spurs, memory, vision and hearing loss along with other diseases.  With age our bodies produce less of these important control enzymes and that is why diseases affects us more as we age.

Now that this great mystery has been revealed, it's very hard to believe that all these major health problems are caused by calcium and Doctors seem to be unaware.

Effective Artery Cleaning

Heart disease can be a thing of the past. Angioprim cleans and removes plaque where surgery cannot, it penetrates too the smallest arteriole and capillary to flush, clean and restore blood flow allowing oxygen to the heart and all other vital organs. Angioprim dissolves plaque at the atomic (molecular level) it will not break off big chunks of plaque causing more blockage that could cause a stroke, paralysis or death.

If in doubt then consider these things, with artery blockage, you will sleep poorly, and wont feel rested when you awake, lose energy and run out of steam easily, need an afternoon or evening nap, tightness or pain in the arms and chest with exertion or stress, your blood pressure is higher than 120, then you probably have cardiovascular disease and need Angioprim. 

You Don't Need

Stress Test


Bypass Surgery

Needles or Surgery

Works in days not months

Eliminates long term drug use

Expect to get a lot for your money

Angioprim offers a guaranteed plan and the most effective solution to clean clogged arteries without surgery, you can expect to see significant improvements within 1 to 4 weeks. Significant improvements means, clean arteries and a healthier new you. The only risk is when you wait to long and decide to late to take Angioprim. Angioprim is safer than aspirin. 

Over the past 15 years Angioprim has been sold to thousands people world wide including range of medical professionals which include Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Dentists, their most repeated comments after taking Angioprim:  "I was surprised how fast it worked, pain was gone in a few days, and within a few weeks I felt 20 years younger with more energy than ever." Several IV Doctors that have used our product have said confidentially: it seems to be 20 times faster and more effective than other products that I have used. Many Doctors know the effectiveness of Angioprim but won't offer it to their patients because they fear censorship and loss of licensing from the American Medical Association.

For over 60 years blood cleaning therapy has shown to be an effective non surgical solution to clean arteries and reverse heart disease. It has been estimated that over 25 million people have had blood cleaning treatments similar to Angioprim without dangerous side affects. Many Doctors say " blood cleaning therapy won't work," They are primarily protecting their livelihood as heart disease is very profitable for them (Bypass surgery $100-$200,000). 

There are options other than surgery, drugs or exercise but doctors refuse to offer them.  Angioprim Cleans Clogged Arteries and Vital Organs to give you the best protection, prevention and health assurance you can buy.

Angioprim uses Amino Acids that are natural building blocks, your body recognizes and welcomes them. And it's well known that most oral cleaning therapies break down in the stomach and are a poor method to remove toxic metals and calcium. Angioprim is more effective than other look alike products because it is absorbed without being broken down by stomach acids. You will see improvements in a few days and a new you in a few weeks.  

When a Doctor does Angioplasty surgery, a balloon on the end of a catheter squashes the plaque against the sides of your artery walls and then holds it captive with a metal stint. The catheter passing through the arteries often causing plaque to be scraped off artery walls in large chunks,  that plaque is flushed through your body and will often end up in the brain causing paralysis, mental deficiencies or a stroke. With Angioplasty After surgery you will still have Heart disease, because the plaque buildup in other areas of your body has not been addressed. Angioprim addresses all the plaque in your arteries along with the plaque in vital organs of your body. You have a choice, you don't need stress tests, drugs or surgery. 

Angioprim will do no harm and will improve your health in many ways you would never expect. Angioprim will help you feel more youthful and energetic. Many health problems improve, as you regain your youthful energy your vital organs become revitalized and this means: those who suffer from the symptoms of Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Thyroid, Prostate, Macular Degeneration, Tinnitus, Kidney stones, Gallstones, Lupus and other immune disorders will often experience significant and long lasting improvements.

The Company founder Thomas Snee was killed twice on the operating table and then told the Doctor couldn't get the stint in or out and the only option was a heart transplant, this awareness forced him to take action which resulted in his research that lead to the development of Angioprim a super concentrated formula of amino acids. For over fifteen years Angioprim has shown over a 95%+ satisfaction rate, I don't believe any medical facility can say the same. 

When everything looks hopeless don't give up.

There are many methods and products used to improve blood flow unfortunately few offer real tangible results and most barely work at all. Some treatment methods can cost thousands of dollars and take many months sometimes over a year to produce any results. Doctors offering in office treatment requires months of repeated visits sitting for hours at a time with a painful needle in your arm waiting for an IV bag to empty.  You should never have to suffer that type of treatment again. From comparing Customer experience we have seen Angioprim to be much more effective and faster acting than any other method of blood leaning. Angioprim does in 24 days what other treatments could only hope to provide after many months often more than a year if ever. Angina pain for most but not everyone will often disappear within days, about 5% of people will have persistent angina and other solutions are required. 

The National Institute of Health

The National Institute of Health did a research study on methods to  dissolve clogged arteries in 2004       

Safe, Fast and Easy

When you purchase a product on the internet you hope for the best knowing the chance of receiving a phenomenal product is slim. Your purchase of Angioprim products will prove to be one of the wisest decision you make in your lifetime.

Don't be Fooled

The coronary arteries act like pipes bringing blood with food and oxygen to the heart muscle. Over time the arteries will become partially or completely clogged with fatty deposits and calcium ("plaque") it happens to everyone. How your body assimilates food and water determines the amount of buildup determines Plaque buildup restricts blood flow, forcing the heart to work harder. Eventually, an artery becomes completely blocked, resulting in a heart attack. Blood clots can also be formed and lead to stroke. 

What's in it?

Angioprim contains the highest levet EDTA, and a blend of amino acids. This proprietary blend has been effective for 15 years and we now ship to 29 countries. Many Vitamins, minerals (metals) and other so called nutrients have been studied for reducing plaque in connection with cardiovascular disease.  The evidence is overwhelming, combining nutrients together reduces the overall effectiveness to almost ZERO. No combination of ingredients can be used to provide anywhere near the benefit Angioprim provides. When you see a product purporting to reverse heart disease and eliminate plaque, don't believe them. Ingredients like vitamins and minerals can not save your life, prevent heart disease or reduce the need for surgery they just don't dissolve plaque. Chemicals, vitamins and minerals often counteract to each other causing further health problems.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Most often our 24 day cleaning program will bring back your lost health! You can buy pills and look alike products at super cheap prices but you will not get the relief and health improvements that you need. The failure of most competitive products is they are so slow acting and they are unable to dissolve plaque as fast as the plaque can form.

As we age, we all have the right to do so gracefully and with the best possible health. You don't have to lose life or limb or take unnecessary drugs that do more harm than good. You can set yourself free and take control of your health again. Even for those that are in serious pain or are on the verge of hospitalization and surgery. You can reverse your health problems and regain your health and vitality in a matter of weeks. Order now or keep reading, we have your health solution.

Your doctor doesn't have a safe, simple or inexpensive solution to clean your arteries. But you can be confident in knowing you have a choice. You can get off the long term drug treatment and break out of the vicious cycle and solve your own health problems today! 

Don’t Gamble With Your Life !


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